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Volume Three is the third installment of the BlueyCapsules comic. It takes place in the years 1986 and early 1987 and covers the rise of Fazbear Entertainment with the openings of Circus Baby's Pizza World and Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (1986).


Volume 2-3 Intermission:

  • Comic scripted by Elise / @Tybaxel, Animatic scripted by Reese / @feddietime

William recieves a phone call from The CEO about arrangements for the opening of Circus Baby's Pizza World. He then visits the Dragon's Den to seek excess funding, but is denied.

Part 1: Third Time's the Charm

  • Scripted by Elise / @Tybaxel

Preparations are being made for the simultaneous openings of Circus Baby's Pizza World and Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (1986). William warns Elizabeth to stay away from Circus Baby.

Part 1.5: Golden Gaytime

  • Scripted by Mari / @scarIetdevils and Elise / @Tybaxel

Introduction to the Funtime Animatronics.

Part 2: Good Vibrations

  • Scripted by Ian / @Actual_Nerd7869 and Reese / @feddietime

Jeremy Fitzgerald interviews for a position at Freddy Fazbear's, meeting new manager Phil and Joan Madruga.

Part 2.5: Au2mated In2mission

  • Scripted by Kazoo / @Kazoovevo

Introduction to the Toy Animatronics.

Part 2.75: We'll Get Through This Together

  • Scripted by Matt / @Hopstepscrems

Elizabeth and Michael bond and have a shared moment of childhood.

Part 3: Glitter & Birthday Cake

  • Scripted by Matt / @Hopstepscrems

On opening day of the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Circus Baby's Pizza World, tragedy strikes when Elizabeth disobeys her fathers orders.

Part 3.25: Today Was Bad

  • Scripted by Celes / @ginkosilverman

In the aftermath of the incident Henry comforts Michael while Chauncey and William decide how to proceed.

Part 3.5: The Days That Tomorrow Spent

  • Scripted by Celeste /@meowmitake

When William leaves on a business trip, he instructs Michael to go down to the basement and see his work.

Part 4: Never Let Me Down

  • Scripted by Elise / @Tybaxel

Disturbed by what he's seen in the basement, Michael calls Henry over to help. Henry discovers William's research and his involvement in the Missing Children Incident.

Part 4.25: A Light in The Dark

  • Scripted by Celes / @ginkosilverman

As William returns home from his trip, he realized Henry has been in the basement and flees.

The Untold Tales: Who Turned Out the Light?

  • Scripted by Matt / @Hopstepscrems

The clock turns back to tell the story of Sunny Afton's untimely demise.

Part 4.5: An Abundance of Lunatics

  • Scripted by Reese /@feddietime

Chauncey calls the pizzeria to inform Phil of the ban on Aftons and Emilys.

Part 4.75: Black Hole Sun

  • Scripted by Elise /@Tybaxel and Matt /@Hopstepscrems

Now alone, Michael reflects on the loss of his family.

Part 5: Changes

  • Scripted by Celes /@ginkosilverman

Vinny and Scott help William devise a disguise.

Part 6: It Came From Texas

  • Scripted by Elise / @Tybaxel

Dave Miller interviews with Phil for a job at Freddy Fazbear's.

Part 7: Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

  • Scripted by Matt /@Hopstepscrems

Dave has his first day of employment at Freddy Fazbear's.

Part 7.5: The Scrap Bin

  • Scripted by Elise /@Tybaxel

Dave harvests Remnant from the withered animatronics.

Part 8: The Musings of a Cowboy

  • Scripted by Elise /@Tybaxel

Dave shares his... intriguing life story with Phil while on lunch break.

Part 8.25: Secret Serviette

  • Scripted by Mango /@mangolith

Jeremy discover's Dave's secret and turns to blackmail.

Part 8.5: With Extra Catsup

  • Scripted by Dessy /@hellurrrkitty

Phil discovers a stray kitten outside of the pizzeria.

Part 9: Missing the Punchline

  • Scripted by Mango /@mangolith

Dave plans a Boss Appreciation Day party for Philip.

Part 9.5: Lip Service

  • Scripted by Ian /@Actual_Nerd7869 and Reese /@feddietime

While Jeremy experiences a tragedy, Michael works at Chica's Party World.

Part 9.75: You Aren't Fine

  • Scripted by Celeste /@meowmitake

Phil gives an intoxicated Jeremy a ride home from a party.

Part 10: Closing Time

  • Scripted by Reese /@feddietime

Dave, Phil, and Jeremy travel to an Employee Bonding Convention planned by the CEO.

Part 11: One Big Holiday

  • Scripted by Matt /@Hopstepscrems, Celeste /@meowmitake, Elise /@Tybaxel, and Reese /@feddietime

The bonding convention commences with mixed results.

Part 12: Merry Christmas, You Filthy Bastards

  • Scripted by Reese /@feddietime

Dave, Phil, Jeremy, and Joan have a Christmas party at work.

Part 12.5: Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors

  • Scripted by Reese /@feddietime and Kazoo /@kazooVEVO

Joan has some encounters with the animatronics on the night shift.

Part 13: How to Steal a Dog

  • Scripted by Kazoo /@kazooVEVO

Dave and Phil travel to Arizona to check out a rival restaurant.

Part 13.5: Cooking by the Book

  • Scripted by Kazoo /@kazooVEVO

While Dave and Phil are in Arizona, Jeremy and Joan are left in charge of the restaurant.

Part 14: Fairly Exciting

  • Scripted by Nat @/natpgart

Dave, Phil, Jeremy, and Joan go to a state fair for more employee bonding.

Part 14.5: Unextended Warranty

  • Scripted by Mango @/mangolith

Jeremy crashes his truck into the Love Bus, and he and Dave have to repair it before Vinny and Scott return.

Part 15: Frigid Moments in Hurricane

  • Scripted by Celeste @/meowmitake

Dave and Phil get stuck in a locked car in the middle of nowhere.

Part 16: Nothing Lasts Forever

  • Scripted by Reese /@feddietime

William abandons his Dave persona after noise complaints from Vinny and Scott and goes off on his own.

Finale: You Win Some, You Lose a Lot

  • Scripted by Matt /@Hopstepscrems

Jeremy and Joan celebrate the disappearance of Dave, while Phil struggles to cope with the loss of his friend.