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Volume One is the first installment of the BlueyCapsules comic. Taking place late in the year of 1983, Volume One serves mainly as an introduction to the characters. It covers the time at which Fredbear's Family Diner was opened, and the events that caused it to close. It also covers the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.


Part 1: Meet the Family Guys

  • Scripted by: N/A

Introduction to the Afton family, shortly after the off-screen death of Charlie Emily.

Part 2: Charlie's Epic Wacky 'Fun'eral

  • Scripted by: N/A

Covers the funeral of Charlie Emily.

Part 2.5: Welfare Visit

  • Scripted by: N/A

William visits Henry after the funeral, hoping to kill Sammy Emily, but fails.

Part 2.75: 青りのカプスル ^-^ XD

  • Scripted by: N/A

Introduction to Spring Bonnie and Fredbear.

Part 3: Now This is Charlie 2.0

  • Scripted by: Elise / @Tybaxel

Flashback to the death of Charlie, and Henry Emily makes a shitty robot version of her.

Part 3.25: A Pwncall

  • Scripted by: Reese / @feddietime

Vincent calls William.

Part 3.5: X Days Until the Party

  • Scripted by: Celeste / @meowmitake

The days leading up to C.C. Afton's birthday party.

Part 4: C.C.'s Epic Wacky Birthday Party

  • Scripted by: Reese / @feddietime

C.C.'s birthday party. The Bite of '83 occurs.

This was the last part before the reformative hiatus.

Part 5: We're All Alone Now

  • Scripted by: Elise / @Tybaxel

William and Michael visit C.C. in the hospital, and Michael has a wacky nightmare. C.C. dies.

Part 6: I'm Lovin' It

  • Scripted by: Matt / @HotStepScrems

Occurs at the same time as Part 5, when Henry takes Elizabeth Afton to McDonald's while Michael and William go to the hospital. She meets Susie Denver.

Part 7: Welfare Visit 2.0

  • Scripted by: Elise / @Tybaxel

Henry visits William after the death of C.C., and comforts Michael. A rift is formed in William and Henry's friendship after Henry observes William's disinterest.

Part 8: Fredbear's New Friends

  • Scripted by: Ian / @Actual_Nerd7869

Henry invites William over to his house to show the creation of the "original four" animatronics, and proposes the idea for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.