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Joan Madruga is a major character in BlueyCapsules. She is the sole night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria (1986). A badass, motorcycle-revving young lady with an affinity for nonconformity, she has a way with balancing her friendly, affectionate nature with an intimidating facade. She was looking for an easy job with decent pay, and as a natural night owl, the night shift position just seemed to fall into her lap.


Joan is a generally warm, laid-back, and amiable person, not to mention a total badass. Don’t be put off by her punk persona, she’s unafraid to show affection to friends and colleagues, both verbally and physically, and loves to laugh and joke around. She considers herself a damn good judge of character even at first glance, and took Jeremy Fitzgerald under her wing after being instantly charmed by him. Conversely, she was quickly put off by Dave Miller, and harbors an intense distrust and dislike of him. Speaking of, if she were to decide she hates you, the best case scenario is that she ignores you, but don’t push your luck.


Joan was born in Hurricane, Utah to her two mothers, who had immigrated from Brazil a few years prior. During her teen years she quickly made friends in the counterculture scene, and developed a righteously angry stick-it-to-the-man attitude, much to the surprise of her extremely upbeat and cheerful parents. Adulthood quelled her rage against the machine into a flippant middle finger to the machine, as she maintained strong values of equality and individual freedom but mellowed into a more easygoing and measured individual. She frequents rock shows and dive bars, and involves herself heavily in community activism and service. While she regrettably doesn’t have a “motorcycle gang” per se, she’s friendly with the alternative Hurricane scene at large and is often accompanied by a few friends.

When she interviewed for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1986), she overcame her qualms about associating with a massive and shady company like Fazbear Entertainment when she met the clearly hard-working and down-to-earth Philip Guy, who she decided she wouldn’t mind at all working for. She’s still intensely opposed to participating in “company mandated” activity beyond Phil’s instruction, and has a severe suspicion of their “higher-ups”.


  • She is Afro-Brazilian, with black and indigenous heritage.
  • She is a lesbian.
  • She has an uncanny intuition and luck, often saving her from potentially unsavory situations...
  • She has a white pitbull named Princess.
  • She was designed by Celeste @meowmitake, Tea @horrifichymns, and Reese @feddietime.