Sunny Afton

The matriarch of the Afton household, Sunny has been all by her lonesome ever since some unspeakable accident happened to her poor pookie William… Nobody knows for sure what fate befell him, and if they did, they had better not tell!

Emilie Emily

Sunny’s best friend and fellow engineer at Freddy Fazbear’s, Emilie always works hard with a heavy dose of elbow grease and dry wit. It’s all to provide for her loving husband and daughter. And yeah… of course she knows Sunny got rid of William. Is she supposed to care?

Ivy Boseman

Ivy’s in charge at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, though she hardly rules with an iron fist. She’s a fair and caring boss who spends a lot of time being amused by her ridiculous engineers, regardless of any indiscretions one of them may or may not have committed…

Elizabeth Afton

The new youngest Afton, Elizabeth couldn’t give a rat’s arse that she picked off her brat baby brother, and if her older one doesn’t shut up he’ll be next. It’s hard to miss her old man, since the house clearly wasn’t big enough for two villains of such proportion.

Michael Afton

The meek eldest Afton child, Michael spends most of his time trying to get along with people and spend quality time. He has a terminally mild personality, which means he tends to get steamrolled by his much more boisterous mother and sister.

Heidi Valentino

The owner of that new Pizza Hut across the way… despite her undeniable charm, dashing good looks, swashbuckling prowess, and genius mind, she’s still stealing business! She had better watch out, lest something bad happen to that husband and kid of hers....

Well, I warned ya!

Vinny Afton

Well, he’s the same chucklefuck but with a phone for a head, isn’t he?

Scott Afton

William’s brother-in-law, he generally gets along pretty well with Sunny due to their shared dislike of a certain individual who may or may not now be out of the picture. However, he’s testing his luck by working at the Pizza Hut- the Afton family doesn’t take well to traitors, no matter how well-mannered and dressed.

Philip Guy

Humble, kind-hearted, and agreeable, Phil is a top-notch employee who is very dedicated to his work, though he never has to worry about an overwhelming workload since his boss and coworkers always help him shoulder it. The ladies also treat him with all the respect he is due, although there is a bit of teasing involved in their quest to nudge him out of his shell. Their efforts seem to be working, as he reluctantly accompanies them to parties and bars on the weekend. Only time will tell if his romantic aspirations will one day come true...

Henry Emily

The househusband of Emilie Emily, he’s a man dedicated to family above all, who just wants everyone to get along. Well, Henry? Is this what you wanted?

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